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The air you breathe has a big impact on your health. You want to make sure that it's as clean as possible. Aerus of Winston Salem can help. We sell and repair vacuum cleaners and air purification systems in Winston-Salem, NC and the surrounding areas.

Our products use ActivePure Technology that's specially developed to clean air 24/7. Our products were even awarded the prestigious Certified Space technology seal by the Space Foundation. If you want cleaner air, you're in the right place.

Vacuuming your floor is essential

Did you know that the cleanliness of your carpets and rugs affects your indoor air quality? Carpets traps dust, dirt and debris that would otherwise circulate in your air. If your carpet isn't cleaned correctly, this grime will build up and go back into your air.

You can prevent this issue by getting an efficient vacuum cleaner from Aerus of Winston Salem. Our wide range of vacuums can fit any home or business. You're sure to find the right option for your property. Plus, we repair all brands of vacuum cleaners and Aerus air purifiers.

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Great products from our family to yours

Our family-owned and -operated business has served our neighbors for over a decade. Our owner has worked with Aerus of Winston Salem for more than 25 years, providing indoor air quality solutions to clients in Winston-Salem, NC and beyond. When you come to us, you'll know that you're in capable hands.

Our vacuums and air purification systems are designed to clean your air completely. This can:

Make your allergies and asthma symptoms less severe
Help you better protect your family or employees from viruses
Improve the comfort of your home or business

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